S System UK Coupler with SS 304 Body and SS 316 Probe (C747)

S System UK Coupler is designed with a stainless steel 304 body and an SS316 probe. This European coupler has a Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) for safety. PRV releases over-pressure gas at 56 – 65 PSI. 

The coupler connects the CO2 tank to your keg.  CO2 from the gas line enters the keg, through the nipple on the side of the coupler. The pressurized gas pushes up your beer through the coupler into your beer line that travels into your faucet. To connect the European coupler to the keg align the coupler base with the keg valve and lock it in place by pulling the handle out and down. Always connect the same coupler type as your keg. The S-system or  European Sankey Coupler connects with the European Sankey or S-system valves. Most European brewers including Amstel, Becks, Heineken, Newcastle, St. Pauli Girl, etc. use S-system Valves.

Check out our complete Keg Coupler List, to ensure the type of valve in your keg.

The European Sankey (S-system) looks similar to an American Sankey (D system) but the probe in the former is longer by 1/4” than the latter. Krome has a wide range of S system couplers in different material combinations and handles styles.


  • Made with 100% stainless steel using a 316 stainless steel probe
  • It is durable and built for heavy-duty use.
  • With UK style stainless steel handle.
  • Has a Pressure Relief valve that releases excess pressure at 56 – 65 PSI allowing you to easily let the pressure out of the keg
  • Sturdy and reliable to use.
  • Compatible with many European brewers.
  • Suitable for Bira.
  • Ideal for commercial and residential use.
  • Has a longer stem than the D-system coupler
  • Offers the facility of – simply pulling out and down on the lever handle to tap a keg.
  • With a Shanky bottom seal to avoid relief valve leakage.

Also, available in Chrome Plated Brass Material 

Probe MaterialStainless Steel 316
Probe Thread1/2" x 14 BSP
Gas Inlet1/2" x 14 BSP
Integral PRVNo PRV
FinishElectro Polish
Suitable forBira
Coupler TypeS System
Handle TypeFlat