Green is caring for people and the planet

Krome Dispense is a pioneer in its sector in terms of design and development of new hygienically safe and energy efficient beverage dispensing systems. Sustainability is at the heart of our operations.

By continuously introducing inventions like ecological R290 refrigerant gases in cooling system which are exciting from both an ecological and economical point of view, the company is managing to achieve above-average growth and  consolidate its reputation as one of the fastest growing companies in the beverage dispensing industry .

Krome’s innovation ushers in a new world of clean air, reaching every human life on planet Earth.
At Krome we designed a Natural Series beer line flash chiller with natural R290 Refrigerant that is environment friendly. This new eco-friendly gas consumes lesser energy in cooling beer and ensures that the dispensing equipment has the least possible environmental impact.
The global brewers have been relying on renewable energies for a long time and constantly striving to surpass the legal requirements and increase their businesses’ sustainability – thereby reducing their CO2 footprint even further.

At Krome Dispense, we are committed to comply with all international environmental guidelines and have our environment policy in place.
We save a lot of water and energy during our production processes, reducing the impact on environment

Krome and all of our group companies are dedicated to building a better world.

Yes! A Green and Clean World.

Nature R290 beer chiller