Key Keg Coupler with PRV – 5/8″ Thread

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Key Keg Coupler with 5/8” Thread

Key Keg Coupler is designed especially for Key Kegs. These kegs offer a single-use disposable feature that excludes the need to return kegs to the breweries and bars and also the hassle of cleaning and refilling.

New dispense head for KeyKeg™ with the innovative degassing feature. Brass Body improves durability and Offers long-lasting performance. Solid Stainless Steel 304 Probe help in resistance to chemicals. Designed With a Pressure relief Valve and New Eagle Handle. So that this sturdy design work for more comfortable operators.

What the  Key Keg Coupler Does

The keg coupler is a “key” for the keg valve which acts as a “lock” for the keg. They can’t work without each other. Each system keg coupler is compatible with a particular keg valve. Therefore, the S system keg coupler is compatible with only the S system valve. Visit our beer system listing for an expanded listing of beers that use the “S” system valve.

The keg coupler connects the gas line and the beer line, allowing the pressurized gas (CO2) to enter the keg. CO2 gas, on entering, pushes beer out of the keg. This beer travels through the beer line to the tap.

As a result, you get a perfectly chilled and delicious draft beer in the comfort of your home.


The Key Keg Coupler has a 5/8” Thread. The probe of this coupler has stainless steel material that does not wear away over time and your beer will have no flavor at all. And this Keg Coupler’s Chrome-Plated brass body.


The keg coupler has an inbuilt pressure relief valve (PRV) so you can reset pressure at the keg and avoid back flash into your regulator. A pressure Relief Valve is safety equipment specially. These help in preventing a pressurized vessel or system from over-pressurizing.

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  • A coupler body made of Brass – makes the product more durable.
  • With New Eagle Handle, Sturdy Design. Comfortable for operators.
  • Solid Stainless Steel 304 Probe, resistance to chemicals
  • Designed for Key Kegs
Probe MaterialStainless Steel 304
Probe Thread5/8''x14 BSP
Gas Inlet5/6'' Tailpiece
Integral PRVIncluded PRV
Handle TypeEagle Handle