Self Diagnosis draft system

Self Diagnosis
Please check the solution about the various situations which can be misunderstood as a failure in advance. Few can be solved easily with a simple action.

Below are the symptoms in the subject Given as a failure.

Beer is not coming out

Causes and Solutions.

– Beer or CO2 gas is out.

  • Check Beer keg CO2 gauge.

– The main valve on CO2 gas tank or mid valve on the gauge are locked

  • Check CO2 Tank main valve gauge mid valve pressure gauge. (Solution: Unlock the main valve and mid valve. Adjust gas pressure.)

– The head is loose.

  • Check the head handle and a beer keg. (Solution: Tighten beer keg and head.)

– Frozen hose in beer cooler or beer keg.

  • Check to connect hose beer keg beer cooler. (Solution: Unfrozen (head hose) Replace frozen beer keg Request for Repairing beer cooler)

– Flowmeter is locked.

  • Check Flowmeter on tap. (Solution: Unlock flow meter.)

The extract coil in the bracket is frozen.

  • Check if the bracket in the Beer cooler is frozen. (If extract coil is frozen)(Solution: Require for A/S (Replace PCB))

A foreign substance in extract line or shaft-packing on tap is damaged.

  • Check the Extract line tap. (Solution: Regular clean and check. Ask for A/S)


We hope our Self Diagnosis tips have come to use.