Stainless Steel Coffee Kettle – 1200ml

SKU: C2455

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Stainless Steel Coffee Kettle with Plastic handle (C2544)

Make wonderful pour-over coffee at home using this coffee kettle with a plastic handle. It gives the ideal temperature. You can make the ideal pour-over coffee using our stainless coffee pot. Additionally, our coffee and tea kettle has an easy-pour gooseneck spout for perfect water flow.

It features Accurate Temperature, Smooth, Controlled Pouring, and Premium Stainless Steel Quality, all of which contribute to the kettle’s long-lasting use. A uniform coffee extraction with every pour being done perfectly. Use this gooseneck stainless steel kettle to brew great pour over coffee at home in the same way a barista does.

  • Simple Pour Spout for Accurate Water Flow.
  • To assist you completely manage the water flow, the kettle has a plastic handle.
  • Utilize our Coffee Kettle to always brew the ideal cup of coffee.
  • The majority of boiler or heater types can be used with this double-layer metal base, which prevents leaks and rust.
  • Moreover, this kettle is very simple to use and maintain.