Hygiene Plug (Pack Of 50)

SKU: C545X50

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Beer faucet Hygiene plug

Keep your beer taps clean and hygienic always. Cover them with our Beer faucet hygiene plug when not in use. This keeps fruits flies and bacteria at bay. No worry contamination and your the beer you pour would be fresh and great tasting with all its flavors intact.

Simply push the bristle end of the draft beer faucet cap into the spout. The bristles also clean away any beer stone build up on the inside.

This is a 50 piece pack. Beer Faucet Hygiene Plug aka Kleen plug.

  • Helps keep beer taps clean.
  • Protects taps from fruit files entering them when not in use.
  • Has bristles to clean the inside of the faucets.
  • Fits almost all beer tap types.
  • Available in five colors blue green orange red black