Five Way Gas Distributor Without PRV-1/4″ Barb

SKU: C2435

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 Brass Five Way Gas Distributor Without PRV-1/4″ Barb

Krome’s 5 Way Gas Distributors without PRV allow you to dispense from more beer kegs using just one gas source. Connect the CO2 cylinder to the inlet of this simple gas distributor, and tap as many beer kegs as the gas manifold outlets. 5 Way Gas Distributors has check valves, but no PRV.


  • Has CHECK VALVES built in. They prevent beer from backing up into your system.
  • With just one regulator, you can dispense beer from five kegs.
  • Air Distributor- 5 WAY with 1/4″ BARB
  • Without PRV model
  • Aluminium is used for its construction.
  • Wall mount brackets included.
  • Each outlet has its own shut-off valve.