Epic Tower with 1 Flow Control Tap – Vibrant Gold Finish – Glyco Cold Technology – C1045


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1 Tap Epic Tower Glyco-cold Vibrant Gold finish

Bring in the charm to your bar counter with this splendid Epic Beer Tower.
This central attraction comes with chrome plating over brass body, glycol recirculation loop cooling technology.
This draft beer tower carries an illuminated medallion holder too at the head for displaying brands prominently.


Beer Taps are used for controlling the release of beer. A draft beer is a beer that’s “on tap,” as opposed to bottled. Next time you’re at a bar or a restaurant that has a bar, take a look at the bar itself and you’ll see a row of labelled levers. Those are the beers the bar has on tap and they’re generally fresher than the bottled selection.

1 Tap Epic Tower Glyco-cold Vibrant Gold finish is a single European style faucet variant.
Also known as Flow control tap for its flow adjusting knob, European faucet has a thinner and longer spout than US faucet – this results in a beer pour with less foamhead.

Glyco Cold Technology:
Glyco cold technology is built for long drawn commercial draft beer systems. It consists of a specially designed beer tower and a glyco chiller.
Propylene glyco, a food grade anti-freeze is mixed with water and used as the coolant in the chiller. It is highly efficient in maintaining the temperature required for the perfect pour right upto the faucet.
Glyco cooled draft beer towers have special beer lines are foam sealed to minimize heat exchanger with the surroundings.
  • One Flow Control Tap
  • 220 V Transformer included
  • Mounts on kegerator or counter top
  • Precision Flow Control Taps Included
  • Take your pouring to bold new heights
  • Modern Look with Vibrant Gold Finish
  • Is available with Glyco Cold Technology
  • Made of High Quality Stainless Steel for Durability & Reliability
  • 100% Stainless Steel Contact with Beer to Serve Better Tasting
  • Ensure that every pour from your draft beer tower comes out icy cold
Number of Taps1
Body MaterialBrass
FinishVibrant Gold Finish
IlluminationNon- Illuminated
Mounting SystemThrough Counter
Cooling TechnologyGlyco Cold Technology
Beer Line Tubing8 OD x 7 ID SS 304 Tube(mm)
Spout MaterialStainless Steel
Tap TypeEuropean Tap
Tap MaterialBrass
Tap Handle MaterialBakelite

Installation Instructions

Deck mounting beer towers:
  • Make a hole of 3″ diameter on the mounting surface to connect the beer lines from cooler to tap.
Attaching beer dispensing tap:
  • Hold the tap perpendicular to the bar top and slide it to the edge of the tap shank.
  • Manually turn the nut to tighten the connection and then use a tap wrench to tighten further while making sure to not overdo.
Setting up a medallion:
  • If the medallion mounting hardware is received separately, fix it into the hole(s) on the beer tower meant for the same.
  • The medallion lens goes into the metal ring and holds it firmly in place.
  • To light up the medallion, an adapter meant for illumination also needs to be installed.