krome beerfonts 1999

Krome Dispense is a market leader for commercial draft beer dispensing equipment


Krome Dispense is an emerging brand with a lot of energy, elevated by customer satisfaction on account of the quality and reliability of our products.

We started as a plumbing and bathroom accessories manufacturer in 1984 and then diversified ourself into a beer dispensing equipment manufacturing in 1999. Since the inception, we have been innovating products that include our energy-efficient glycol cold technology for beer towers and R290 environment-friendly beer coolers. As a result, we have customers in more than 110+ countries and 200+ employees globally.

We provide beer branding design solutions for global brands and breweries. Through design and innovation, we have a wide range of beer towers for all beer brands with multiple dispense taps in multiple finishes and new effects.

Our product line includes Beer pumps, Co2 pressure regulators, dispense beer fonts, draft beer cooling machines and dispense heads.

No matter where you are around the globe if you are enjoying a beer in any pub, bar, brewery or restaurant, there is a strong chance that beer is served from one of Krome Dispense installed equipment.


At Krome Dispense we provide solutions that are tailored to customers’ specific brand requirements. it’s our natural way of business to respect ideas and keep them confidential.

We are committed to
Design, manufacture & supply highest quality products which create customer advantages and value.
Introduction of new and improved products.
Close customer relationship and satisfaction, by listening to and working with our customers.