The Byg Brewski Brewing Company’s Hennur project boasts of being Asia’s largest brewpub with an expansive area encompassing multiple al fresco and indoor spaces. Unique brews by acclaimed brewmaster, custom cocktails and global food recipes are the main draws to the place that is complemented by tasteful decor and entertainment.

Being treated like a royal is only an additional perk while the real pleasure lies in sampling Byg Brewski’s 16 craft beer varieties straight from our taps! OUR Taps, that’s right! The central attraction of the bar area – the 24 tap Bridge Tower that hangs like a large chandler, dispensing thousands of litres of beer, is Krome Dispense’s crown jewel in beer dispensing tower product line.
With the ability to dispense 24 beer styles simultaneously, this Bridge tower caters well to the brewhouse’s requirement. The tower’s copper finish gives a rustic look and the light from self-illumination is reflected back softly.


Bridge Tower Case StudiesByg Brewski

Next time around, enjoy the drive to the beckoning Byg Brewski and enjoy yourself being waited upon, Your Majesty!