Beer Line Cleaning Bottle with D-Fitting

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Beer Line Cleaning Bottle with D-Fitting

Our 5 Liter beer line cleaning bottle is use for clean the beer lines in very easy way. It use to clean one or two beer line and there will a larger bottle required If you are want to clean more than one or two beer lines. Pressurized beer line cleaning bottle comes with stainless steel extractor tube. Metal attachment lasts longer in these pressurized beer line cleaning tanks.

Simply fill this cleaning bottle with cleaning solution, uncap your keg and connect to the bottle instead. Once your keg regulator is turned on, the cleaning solution will run through the beer lines the same way your beer would. Place a bucket under your beer faucet and the solution will flush out into the bucket. It’s a quick and easy way to clean your draft beer system because your setup actually does the work for you.

5Liter Beer Line Cleaning Kit

D type cap
5L Plastic bottle
extractor tube

How TO Use

  • Unscrew cleaning the metal cover. Make sure extractor spear tube is attached to bottle Metal cover
  • Mix Lukewarm but not hot water and Beer line cleaning chemical as per the instructions on the plastic pressurized cleaning tank.
  • Place a bucket under the beer faucet and connect the Keg coupler with the cleaning Bottle.
  • Once the necessary time has passed, open the tap with the bucket underneath and allow the solution to pull through.
  • Once the bottle is empty, disconnect the keg coupler from the cleaning bottle and then pull the pressure release valve and then remove the cap.
  • Discard any remaining liquid and then rinse the inside of the bottle with clean water.
  • Fill the cleaning bottle with fresh clean water. Re-attach the keg coupler.
  • Put a bucket back under the beer tap and open the tap to allow the clean water to pull through the line. This is to ensure you clear any cleaning solution from the lines.
  • Once your line is clear of water, detach the keg coupler and release the pressure valve.
  • Re-attach your keg coupler to the keg and open the beer tap to push out any remaining water.

Available Types

U type – Guinness, A type(German Slider), G type (Ancher Steam)



Capacity1.3 Gallon (5 Liter)
Bottle MaterialPolyethylene with UV Stabilizer
Bottle Max Pressure65PSI
Operating Temperature2º to 20ºC (36º to 68ºF)